Welcome to Avicenna Our organizational name, Avicenna Consulting Pvt Ltd, is inspired from the visionary scientist, mathematician, physician, philosopher, chemist, astronomer and poet called Ibne Sina (980 – 1037). He is considered one of the most famous and influential polymaths of the Islamic scientific era.

He wrote many works including the famous Canon of Medicine. He was the epitome of technical expertise in his time and the influence of his works stretched from the Middle East to Europe.

Avicenna Consulting Pvt Ltd, established in July 2011, is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan.It offers its clients an array of consultancy services ranging from strategic planning, programme development and management, organizational development to technical expertise in education, health, social inclusion, and water and sanitation.
Our Approach Our business approach is driven by promoting synergies.

We assist our clients to harness dormant and untapped potential.

We endeavour to provide clients with a range of options that can be taken to scale.

We believe that incremental change is pivotal for systems strengthening.
Pakistan stands at the crossroads of development. On one hand, it enjoys a youth dividend and has several megacities ready to revitalize the economic engine. On the other, regional insecurities, rising debt and inflationary pressures continue to thwart its progress. And yet … the hopes and aspirations of a young populace are resilient as they try and turn challenges to opportunities. We subscribe to this same passion and have identified our professional space to contribute to the development and betterment of Pakistan through the consultancy sector.

The last three years since our inception in July 2011 have been an invigorating change for us coming from the non-government sector. We have relished the chance to work with organizations of varying scope, been inspired by the technical capacity that abounds in the country, and motivated by public sector officials who do the country proud. To critique is indeed the simplest thing in the world – but to find solutions and possibilities in the wake of adversity and economically challenging circumstances is perhaps the passion that drives our team.

We have been fortunate to extend the scope of our work to other countries and we see in this a growing recognition of the talent and expertise that our team brings to its work.

We hope that those of you who visit our site will have a chance to peruse through some of the links and tabs to have a better understanding of what we do, and more importantly, are capable of.

2014 marks a new year, but it also marks a new 'Avicenna' as we strive to continually build our internal capacities and selectively expand the horizons of our client base.

To all our business clients, we wish you a year that is as meaningful as it is professionally satisfying, and that together in our different spheres, we continue to make a lasting impact on the lives of those disadvantaged communities and people who are the true and real clients.
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Company Profile Our experience portfolio includes monitoring and evaluation, policy and systems research, qualitative and quantitative research, field surveys, participatory rapid appraisals, financial management, health, education, inclusive development, disability, water sanitation and hygiene, economic empowerment and livelihood development, human resource development, resource mobilization, advocacy, and community based disaster risk reduction.

Our work experience includes services in Pakistan, Eastern Mediterranean, Asia Pacific, West Africa, and UN agencies, bilateral and multilateral donors, local civil society organizations, corporate sector, Trusts and Foundations.

We work with the public, not for profit and private sectors. Some of our clients include the following:

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Corporate Team Our core team is comprised of professionals from diverse backgrounds, who together provide an enriched package of technical expertise to clients.
  • Dr Haroon Awan
    Dr Haroon Awan An ophthalmologist by training and development professional with over 20 years international experience. He is CEO and founding partner at Avicenna Consulting Pvt Ltd and has a keen interest in the interface that connects systems, human development and social exclusion.

    He has supported and managed institutional change and development processes for international non governmental organizations, strategic planning and resource management plans and budgets. He has undertaken assessments and evaluations of government and civil society programmes for bilateral and international donors.

    His areas of special interest include health systems strengthening, education, water and sanitation, inclusive development and disability, policy development, programme planning and execution, and climate change. He has significant experience in health systems planning, development and practice.

    He has facilitated strategic planning exercises for international and national non-governmental organizations, and public sector institutes, and international level health meetings including for the WHO in the Eastern Mediterranean and Geneva. He worked for 10 years as Country Director for Sightsavers UK in Pakistan and 3 years as international Director of Programme Innovations and Technical Cooperation as a member of the senior management team at Sightsavers.
  • Mr Niaz Ullah Khan A development professional with more than 15 years work experience both at national and international level. He is director and founding partner at Avicenna Consulting Pvt Ltd. He has a keen interest in the areas of inclusive development, systems strengthening, advocacy and networking with expertise in programme management, M&E, operational research, programme reviews, strategy development and programme design.

    Mr Khan is a passionate advocate in the areas of water and sanitation, child protection, inclusive education and disability rights. In Pakistan, he has been playing a key role in promoting the agenda of improved sanitation and safe drinking water for vulnerable groups, inclusive education for excluded groups, and social inclusion with a focus on children and disability rights. He facilitated and worked with government as well as non-government sectors in developing their strategic plans, policy frameworks and country reports. Previously, he supported social inclusion work in Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Belize.

    He worked as Country Director Sightsavers Pakistan Office for three years and Regional Programme Officer for South Asia and Caribbean based in UK for 2 years, and was head of the programme section of Sightsavers Pakistan Office for 4 years. Mr Khan holds a Masters Degree in Agricultural Economics and a Masters in Development Management from the Open University London.
  • Mr M Bashir Khan
    Mr Mohammad Bashir Khan He is CEO of Acurare Services Pvt Ltd and a Director and founding partner at Avicenna Consulting Pvt Ltd. He is skilled in issues of recruitment, deployment, talent hunting, orientation, appraisal, training of staff and conflict resolution.

    His portfolio of experience includes his role as Finance and Support Services Manager for Sightsavers UK in Pakistan. He has worked with the International Labour Organization (ILO) together with Government of Pakistan (Ministry of Labour and Manpower) and United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) on a jointly executed national level project. His experience includes working as an audit supervisor with Khalid Majid Hussain Rehman (Deloitte Touche International), a firm of Chartered Accountants, Islamabad.

    He holds a Masters in Economics, MBAs in Finance and Accounting and MBA in Project Management, and a Diploma in Human Resource Management from National University of Science and Technology (NUST). He is experienced in financial systems and procurement, procedures, processes and internal controls of international standard and grant/contract management. He has demonstrated experience in programme operations especially monitoring and evaluation, facilitation, procurement, controls and risk management.
  • Mr Abul Hassan Mr Abul Hassan is Project Officer-Operations at Avicenna Consulting Pvt Ltd. He has more than five years experience in Finance and Administration. Prior to joining Team Avicenna in July 2011, he worked with a UNDP and UNOPS joint initiative of Gender Justice and Protection. He provides support to Team Avicenna in the areas of internal control, financial management, procurement and administration. He also provides logistic support to Team Avicenna and field teams during data collection and field visits. He is developing his expertise in the areas of event management, IT and human resource development. He holds a Masters degree in Business Administration from Islamabad.
  • Mr Sajid Zaman Mr Sajid Zaman is Project Coordinator at Avicenna Consulting Pvt Ltd. He has more than six years development experience especially in grass roots initiatives in the areas of Education, Livelihood, WASH, Capacity Development and Disaster Risk Reduction. He has been proactive in participatory approaches and capacity development of local community organizations. Since his joining Team Avicenna in February 2014, he has been actively engaged in policy and contextual analysis of WASH initiatives especially in budgetary allocations and analyzing the coverage of access to water and sanitation. He also supervises primary data collection teams and closely supports data analysis. He has a Masters degree in Geography from the University of Punjab.
  • Dr Aliya Qadir Khan
    Dr Aliya Qadir Khan Dr Aliya Qadir Khan is a public health specialist with experience in teaching and training of health care professionals, programme management, undertaking research, and development of educational materials and resource centres for information with special interests in qualitative research and bio-statistics. The key strengths that she brings to the team are creativity, research, communication and documentation skills. She works closely as a team member of Avicenna Consulting Pvt Ltd in designing quantitative and qualitative research/survey instruments and analysis of data for assignments in child rights, water and sanitation, education, health, evaluations and baselines.
Support Team – Syed Kifiat Hussain Shah, Mohammad Ghalib Khan, Mohammad Akram, Mohammad Nazir and Arshed Masih

Services The team at Avicenna Consulting Pvt Ltd specializes in
  • Action research, field surveys and participatory rapid appraisals
  • Advocacy and Resource Mobilization
  • Disaster Risk Reduction/Management
  • Financial Management and Procurement
  • Health Systems Strengthening, including Primary Health Care and System Reviews
  • Human Resource Planning and Development
  • Inclusive Community Development
  • Inclusive Education and Teachers Training
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Policy and Systems Research
  • Programme Planning, Development and Management
  • Social Inclusion with a focus on Disability
  • Strategic Planning
  • Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
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  • Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
    Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Our services in water, sanitation and hygiene include research, policy analysis, programme planning and design, sectoral planning, baseline, midline and endline surveys and evaluations. We are also active in policy dialogue, consultations and advocacy in the WASH sector through engagement with Climate Change Division, Public Health Engineering and Local Governments.

  • Education
    Education Our core expertise is in the areas of inclusive child friendly education, and education needs assessment. We also conduct surveys and evaluations, and undertake consultations, policy advocacy, and education research. We have special expertise in planning, designing, executing and evaluating school health and child protection programmes.

  • Health
    Health Our key focus in this sector is in the areas of health systems strengthening, primary health care, health systems research and programme evaluations. We work with ministries of health of several countries (Bangladesh, Jordan, Libya, Qatar, Saudi Arabia) and World Health Organization to develop national eye health plans and strengthen primary health care systems.

  • Disability
    Disability We provide services to identify barriers that impede social inclusion and develop solutions within a policy, practice and programmatic context. We undertake capacity building of clients for implementation of the UN Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities. In addition, we have expertise in disability research and evaluations of disability initiatives.
Current Projects The team at Avicenna Consulting Pvt Ltd is currently active in the following assignments and projects:
  • Development of Balochistan sector plan for drinking water, sanitation and hygiene – Planning and Development, Public Health Engineering and Local Government departments, UNICEF
  • Map out the thematic areas of work of College of Ophthalmology of Eastern Central and Southern Africa (COECSA) and its partners in Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia - COECSA
  • Mid Term Evaluation Study of HSBC Water Programme (HWP) - WaterAid
  • Child Rights Situational Analysis in Pakistan – Plan International
  • WASH Training Manual for Duty Bearers Pakistan – UN Habitat
  • WASH Training Manual for Local Government in Punjab - WaterAid

News Mapping of Inequities in Basic Water Supply and Sanitation Services in Pakistan Final Report 2015 launched by UNICEF
-- Final Report 2015

Water and Sanitation Atlas of Pakistan -- Coming soon

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